Silky and Bert wax auto products for machine and rider.
Yes, it really did start with a man called Silky and his dog Bert, and yes our original superior motorcycle wax was created in a shed,
but it was a very good shed.


About Us

Silky & Berts Superior Motorcycle Wax Protector

Who are Silky & Bert ????

Why ?
( a few words from our creator, Garreth Silky Anderson)

It all started because cleaning my motorcycle is a pain in the arse. Especially in the UK.
secondly i ride a shed built custom chopper. which means it likes to look shiny.
The problem with owning a shiny bike is after a few hours on the road, it can look like its been driven through a shitty field.

So i thought i would invent a self cleaning solution that polish my motorcycle overnight while i was sleeping. Unfortunately this never happened,
But i did come up with something that make it a lot easier.

A Big priority for me was to use as many natural ingredients as possible.
Chemical polishes are not good for the environment or yourself.
And although they can be very shiny, they don't always offer good protection to your ride, especially important if you have an expensive custom paint finish or a Classic or Vintage vehicle.

So a traditional wax base was chosen.
Firstly they are almost all natural, and secondly i don't think we can beat mother nature, she has been protecting plants and animals from the worst of environments and conditions around the world for billions of years.
A man and a dog in a shed are no match.
So with mother nature as an Allie, i set about creating the perfect blend of waxes and oils.

What i wanted from a good wax polish was !

Impact & Scratch protection

Water resistance

Moisture protection

Excellent shine

Depth and lustre

And finally
It had to last. I didn't want to be washing & polishing after every ride

After many attempts, research, Testing and surprisingly lots of support from the auto detailing industry. I arrived with my final blend of waxes and oils, and its amazing what you can learn.

Carnauba wax
A hard wax and excellent for protection. So plenty of this stuff, But is has a haze and not the best for shine.

A softer wax and great for water protection and beading properties. plenty of this too

Paraffin wax
Petroleum based wax providing little protection or moister resistance. but it does have a superior shine, so we have a bit of this.

Coconut oil.
A soft waxy oil. very nice for texture. An excellent carrier oil for blending. so we included this

Orange oil.
Nice texture, fragrance, and amazing delaminating properties. i.e.. its stops shit sticking to you polished surfaces.

Linseed oil
An oil that adds depth and lustre to your shine, with very good for beading properties. It also make working with Carnauba wax easier.

In the end we had a motorcycle wax that has what i believe to be the perfect balance of hardness. moisture protection and shine.

It also makes cleaning your ride easier. The wax is tough enough to only need re-application every few months. it provides an excellent delaminating surface, so future cleaning can be a quick wash, or a wipe with a damp cloth. and then a quick re-buff with a soft polishing cloth to restore shine.

If your a fair weather biker. or you don't want to take your dream machine out in the cold and wet winter. An application of our wax will protect from moister damaged during storage.

As you can tell i take our products and there production very seriously. Before, during and after, i analysed, tested and improved, to provide what i believe to be a superior traditional wax products ,
especially blended for the protection and enhancement of motorcycles, and vehicles both vintage and modern.

Since our first product (Superior Motorcycle Wax)
Bert and i have been expanding our range. Based on natural waxes and oils.

Bert's 100% natural Leather Balm.
A non greasy blend of waxes & oils. for waterproofing, protection and restoration. Great for Bikers leathers, Boots. and Vintage leather seats etc.

Silky's Beard Taming Balm
A 100% natural balm with Sheer butter, Coco butter. Almond oil, Beeswax and a hint of Orange oil.
this will tame the wildest of hairy faces. protects your skin from the elements. and best of all. it won't harm your manliness